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Poor staff monitoring sees £100k fine for TalkTalk 21,000 record breach

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) fined TalkTalk Telecom Group PLC £100,000 because it did not have appropriate technical or organisational measures in place to keep personal data secure.

Hackers plunder bank accounts via SS7 TFA flaw - risk known 'for years'

O2 has admitted that thieves exploited flaws in SS7 to steal money from victim's bank accounts.

Flashpoint: "Mirai variant attacked Deutsche Telekom"

Researchers have confirmed that it was a variant form of Mirai that was used to try and turn nearly a million Deutsche Telekom customers routers into a botnet over the weekend.

O2 customers' details sold on darkweb

Customers of the popular mobile network O2 are having their details sold on a dark web marketplace

BT Broadband outage blamed on power failure [updated]

BT Broadband has suffered a major outage this morning and it's pointing the finger at a power-outage in one of its central London service providers.

Polish telecom suffers major data breach following hack

Customer data including bank details entered on web forms lost in major data breach at Polish telecom operator.

Cyber-security a board issue, says Dido Harding

Appearing in front of a House of Commons Select Committee, Dido Harding defended TalkTalk's cyber-security plans and took responsibility for incident response, describing security as a board issue and business risk.

Telegram playing cat-and-mouse game trying to curb extremeists accounts

Berlin-based secure communications app Telegram found to be playing cat-and-mouse game in a bid to curb extremists accounts.

New group begins ranking international tech companies and telecoms on respect for users' rights

The Ranking Digital Rights group released its inaugural "Corporate Accountability Index" which ranks 16 of "the world's largest internet and telecommunications companies"

Updated: Analysing the TalkTalk customer database attack

Police are investigating a "significant and sustained cyber-attack" on TalkTalk as it emerges that the data may not have been encrypted and the site used a SHA-1 signed security certificate.

Partnership between NSA and telecoms pose both security and privacy risk, experts say

Leaked Edward Snowden documents reveal that up until at least 2013, the U.S. government held intimate ties with AT&T and to a lesser extent Verizon.

Researchers call time on poor VoIP server security

Voice over IP attacks are on the rise because of the proliferation of online tools and software which can target these services.

NSA hacks 70% of global mobile phone networks

American spy agency NSA infiltrated most of the world's smartphone networks.

Pitty Tiger APT exploits older version Office flaws

The Pitty Tiger APT has been targeting telcos, defence companies and at least one government in a cyber-espionage campaign that relies on spear phishing and malware prying on vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office.

Verizon loses German contract over spying fears

The German Government has cancelled a contract with US telecoms provider Verizon over fears it is obliged to hand over customer data to the US Government.

Research firm says satcom terminals wide open to exploits

Report calls on vendors to provide official workarounds

Orange France hit by second customer data theft

Data on 1.3m of telco Orange France's 26m customers stolen by persons unknown.

EU telco/ISP/CSP data retention rules ruled invalid

"I do hope the Home Office has properly thought-out contingency plans" says Professor Peter Sommer, data forensics specialist.

Snowden: NSA can record all telephone calls in foreign countries

The NSA is spending a great deal of money to get large numbers of false positives, says digital forensics specialist professor Peter Sommer.

BT customer data 'exposed'claims ICO

BT is being investigated by the UK's privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), over claims that the user names and passwords of millions of its email customers were exposed to hacking.

Ultra-secure Blackphone coming soon

PGP founder links with Europe's first mass market Android vendor

GCHQ to vet Huawei's security evaluation centre managers

The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is to scrutinise Chinese telecoms technology used in the UK's communications infrastructure.