Telefonica intros initial mobile security offerings

News by Steve Gold

Spanish giant enters the crowded mobile digital security space with range of products and services.

Six months after setting up its Eleven Paths security operation, Telefonica Digital has unveiled the pan-European security company's first offerings.

With close links to its O2 operations across Europe – including in the UK - Eleven Paths sits alongside Telefonica Digital, which has its headquarters in London. The group is staffed by a Spanish team of security professionals from Informatica 64, including its founder Chema Alonso, who has become CEO of the new operation.


The company will face an uphill task establishing itself in the lucrative world of corporate security, whilst the consumer end of the market is a sea of low profits and free apps that cost existing security companies large sums of money to maintain their presence.

Eleven Paths' main hope to gain traction in this very crowded market will be to link into the O2 branding and business plus consumer sales channels in the UK and elsewhere.

Unfortunately for the company, O2 has sold its consumer landline and broadband operation to BSkyB earlier this year, and its business division's wholesale broadband services are closing this coming spring. This has removed a large section of the potential audience for Latch and its other offerings.

The good news is that Telefonica – in the shape of its O2 Business and Movistar brands across Europe and beyond - has an established track record in the mainstream business channel, so adding security offerings its ranges can be completed at relatively minimal cost.


The company saw its formal product launch today in Madrid, and caught up with Alonso for an explanation of why Eleven Paths is entering this very crowded mobile security marketplace.

“We're looking to create a set of security technologies that operate in a different manner to the competition,” he said, adding that protecting a company's Internet presence - and particularly the mobile Internet – has become a difficult task, owing to the wide diversity of usage and technologies involved.

Central to Eleven Path's initial offerings, he says, is Latch, which is billed as allowing users to remotely `switch their digital services on and off' - so adding an additional layer of security to the mobile.

Backing up Latch is a cloud-based security intelligence service called Cyber Detect Threats; a cyber security intelligence service called Faast; a persistent pen testing tool and MetaShield, a redacting tool to `cleanse' documents of identifying data.

“Latch gives you one button access to a new layer of security,” Alonso told, adding that because more people are using the Internet on their smartphones there is a need to defend the mobile, its apps and the data it holds/accesses.

Alonso went onto say that Latch's technology works on Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and is based on Foca, Informatica 64's security offering, but further developed for mobile internet access.

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