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Hearing: Comey confirms FBI is investigating Russia and Trump campaign

In a break with protocol, the director of the FBI has confirmed the existence of an ongoing investigation into the ties between Pres Trump and Russia during US election.

Brexit won't thwart GDPR prep, IAPP finds

To prepare for GDPR, two-thirds of the UK organisations surveyed said they were developing new internal privacy accountability frameworks while 58 percent are ponying up budget dollars to train their staffs and employees in privacy matters.

FBI director calls for 'hard conversation' on encryption and policing

Law enforcement is being blocked by encryption from accessing data they have every right to examine - it's time to build trust between police and the tech sector, says FBI director James Comey.

Obama ramped up cyber-attacks to disrupt North Korea missile program

Proponents of the campaign point to a number of missile launches that have failed—either missing their mark or exploding in midair—as the program's success.

Privacy Shield enforcement not affected by Trump EO, FTC acting chair says

The Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States executive order signed by Donald Trump in January left privacy advocates closely scrutinising a provision to determine if it had any impact on the Privacy Shield.