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Cyber-attack threat as important as fighting terrorism says GCHQ

"Digital is the new frontline of national security, commented Rob Norris in response to reports of GCHQ head Jeremy Fleming describing how keeping the UK safe from cyber-attacks is now as important as fighting terrorism.

Cyber-terrorism: the next logical threat to come from IS

Earlier this year the attacks in London and Manchester catapulted terrorism back into the mainstream for many UK citizens.

Israel Cyber Week 2017: cyber beat off 1,000s of 'lone wolf attacks'

In a rare speech, Shin Bet director Nadav Argaman says the security agency he leads regularly uses technology to prevent "lone wolf attacks".

Government again takes aim at encryption after terrorists shake London

UK Prime Minister Theresa May says that technology companies are providing a "safe space" for terrorists.

ICYMI: Intel bug; early disclosure; counter-terror expo; Kaspersky; Macron

In Case You Missed It: Intel AMT bug; MS early disclosure spat; counter-terror expo; Kaspersky accused; Macron's DP.

Israel-UK cyber-security lessons - shared concerns, shared responses

Israel is under constant threat and conscription gives its army access to its brightest students - what can the UK learn from its approach to and understanding of cyber-terrorism?

Europol's IOCTA report says cyber-crime on a sharp rise

Europol has released its yearly Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) report, which this year has highlighted a sharp incline in cyber-crime and identified eight cyber-crime trends.

Russia's Duma approves bill requiring decryption backdoors

Russia's lower house of parliament approved sweeping anti-terrorism legislation that requires companies to decrypt any message sent by users.

112K French policemen doxxed on Google Drive

A disgruntled ex-employee of an insurance firm uploaded the personal details of 112,000 French police officers to a Google Drive account on June 2, possibly exposing the officer's personal information, including addresses.

Microsoft to block 'terrorist content' on its services

Microsoft banned terrorist content from its services and said it would invest in public-private partnerships to help fight terrorism.

William Hague declares crypto enemy no.1

In an opinion piece for The Telegraph newspaper, William Hague, the Conservative former Foreign Secretary in the UK, says the latest Brussels terrorist attacks shows the need to crack terrorist communications.

Report: "Terrorists hardly use the dark web"

A new report claims that for all the talk of the nefarious goings on in the dark web, terrorists aren't all that interested

Anonymous once again targets ISIS following Brussels attacks

Anonymous has reportedly set its sights on ISIS following the terrorist attack on Belgium in its latest campaign dubbed "#OpBrussels.

FBI backs down over Apple encryption case

The FBI have backed down in the fight over the San Bernardino shooter's phone, leaving Apple with some breathing room

DARPA challenges hackers to weaponise benign devices

DARPA-sponsored competition will explore how off-the-shelf IoT devices and open-source code could be adapted for malign purposes.

New ISIS video threatens Facebook and Twitter CEOs

ISIS has made threats to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a new video showing their photos with digitally added bullet holes.

FIC 2016: Bernard Cazeneuve says 'do away with internal partitions'

Bernard Cazeneuve, France's minister of the interior, has called for greater cooperation between states, businesses and citizens in the fight against online radicalisation and cyber-crime.

Social media and tech giants must combat online extremism better

In the past year, Islamic State (IS), formerly ISIS/ISIL, has used social media and encrypted online platforms to recruit terrorists and promote propaganda content.

Social media in the firing line in battle to stamp out terrorism

The tech world is being urged to try and help in stopping terrorists who might be using social media to recruit, communicate and plan attacks.

Japanese minister warns of ISIS attacks in the near future

Following two weeks after the terrorist attacks in Paris, cabinet minister, Taro Kono, of Japan stated in an interview that his country is at risk of cyber-attacks by Daesh (ISIS)

Europol get new powers to target terrorists and cyber-gangs

Europe's police agency, Europol, is getting new powers to combat terrorism, cyber-crime and other cross-border threats, after more than 440 people were killed in terrorist attacks last month, including the Paris attacks.

Terrorism? Now is not the time to bury our heads in the sand

Ed Macnair addresses the need to strengthen cyber-security in businesses and schools to take a step in the right direction in the fight against terrorism.

EU to expand controls on virtual currencies to fight terrorism

The EU is looking to crack down on anonymous currency exchanges that could be used by terrorist.

Calls for Investigatory Powers Bill to be accelerated in wake of Paris attacks

Some commentators are calling for the acceleration of the controversial Investigatory Powers Bill in the wake of Friday's attack in the French capital.

EuroCACS Copenhagen: Ex-MI5 director Lord Evans defends government crypto approach

In a wide-ranging interview, Lord Jonathan Evans, former director of MI5, talks exclusively to SCMagazineUK.com about the challenges of security in the cyber age.

Australian government announces new data retention law

In a controversial move designed to combat terrorism and child abuse, the Australian government has enacted legislation to allow for the retention of metadata for up to two years.

Anonymous group launches phase of cyber-attacks against IS

Anonymous has launched another online battle against members of the Islamic State group.