TeslaCrypt News, Articles and Updates

Teslacrypt RIP: Cisco Talos decryptor on the job

Cisco Talos stated today that it has a Teslacrypt decryptor tool up and running and ready for download that will work against any variant of this ransomware.

Bad guys jump ship to CryptXXX after TeslaCrypt authors release decryption key

Researchers have spotted threat actors flocking to CryptXXX after TeslaCrypt authors closed shop.

TeslaCrypt authors release master keys, Ransomware Info Day held 19 May

The authors of the TeslaCrypt ransomware have publicly released the master decryption key that unlocks files encrypted by the malware in efforts to close up shop and go home for good.

Roughly a quarter of UK cyber-attacks originate from ransomware

Ransomware accounts for around a quarter of cyber-threats targeting internet users in the UK.

Bitdefender's free tool unlocks TeslaCrypt, Locky, CTB-Locker infections

Bitdefender released a free tool that can be used to clean systems infected by the ransomware strains Locky, CTB-Locker, and TeslaCrypt.

Petya ransomware leverages Dropbox and overwrites hard drives

Trend Micro researchers spotted a new ransomware variant dubbed Petya that is delivered to victims who believe they are linking to a resume stored on a cloud storage site like Dropbox, but instead are hit with malware that locks up their computer.