Thales and Voltage Security have partnered to deliver end-to-end encryption and key management solutions to secure payments.

Through the partnership, the two companies have worked together to integrate Voltage SecureData technology with Thales hardware security modules (HSMs). It will allow customers to apply hardened data protection measures at virtually any point along the data path to help achieve the goal of end-to-end protection.

By helping to reduce the time and complexity of deploying data protection and by significantly limiting the scope of security audits, the burden of demonstrating regulatory and internal compliance will be reduced. 

Sathvik Krishnamurthy, president and CEO at Voltage Security, said: “The goal of achieving end-to-end protection is a challenging one with so many diverse endpoints in a transaction lifecycle – point of sale (POS), databases, mainframes and payment networks  – all of which need to be protected from compromise.

“Key management is a critical aspect of all encryption systems and through our partnership with Thales we are able to enhance our end-to-end encryption solution to protect key management functions and other cryptographic operations in a tamper resistant and security certified environment – an essential requirement in the payments market.”

Franck Greverie, vice president and managing director for the information systems security activities of Thales, said: “Thales is delighted to partner with Voltage to deliver an innovative end-to-end encryption and key management solution that further helps customers in the payments market and beyond to address their expanding data protection needs.”