Thales e-Security has announced that its payShield 9000 device is now compliant with the payment card industry's (PCI) hardware security module (HSM) guidelines.

With the PCI-HSM expected to become the default requirement for payments-related HSMs, it is already explicitly mandated in recent guidelines and encryption standards issued by the PCI council.

Franck Greverie, vice-president in charge of information technology security activities at Thales, said: “Receiving PCI-HSM certification for payShield 9000 demonstrates our commitment to achieving internationally recognised standards and compliance requirements, as well as delivering innovative and high-quality security solutions.”

Thales' payment HSMs currently protect more than 70 per cent of the world's card payments. Its payShield is a tamper-resistant security platform that protects cryptographic keys and other sensitive information such as customer PINs and cardholder data.

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