The 5 most read articles this week: August 22 to 28
The 5 most read articles this week: August 22 to 28

Heartbleed: Still a security risk

The Heartbleed security issue may be six months old, but it remains a major problem, according to security researchers with TrustedSec and Venafi.

Video games company hit by 38-day DDoS attack

Incapsula has revealed that one of its clients - a video games company - was recently hit by a 38-day DDoS attack involving a hefty 51,000-plus terabits of data flowing during the attack period.

50 percent of corporate passwords crackable within a few minutes

Last week's story which revealed that half of corporate passwords can be cracked within "the first few minutes," with 92 percent being cracked within 31 days.

75,000 reasons not to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad

The dangers of jailbreaking an iPhone have once again been highlighted, after an analyst with Fortinet revealed that more than 75,000 iOS users - including iPhones and cellular-enabled iPads - have been infected by a malware called AdThief.

SCADA systems: Riddled with vulnerabilities?

Our in-depth feature into SCADA systems finds contrasting views of if such systems, which are critical to the smooth running of critical infrastructure – but which were so successfully exploited through Stuxnet in 2010 – are really under threat.