The 5 most read articles this week: July 11-17
The 5 most read articles this week: July 11-17

China accused of global zero-day attack on shipping firms

A suspected Chinese government cyber-attack called 'Zombie Zero' has been targeting shipping, logistics and manufacturing companies worldwide, according to US security research firm TrapX.

UK government criticised for opposing ‘right to be forgotten'

Featuring for a second consecutive week in the most read articles is this piece on the criticism of the UK government on the ‘right to be forgotten' privacy protection now being instigated by Google.

British PM promises £800 million cyber defence fund

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced an £800 million investment in improving the country's cyber intelligence, reconnaissance and defence capabilities, at the Farnborough International Air Show earlier this week.

A spokesperson for the Home Office said that the money would be used to combat global terrorism and hostage taking, as well as the country's “cyber defence capabilities.”

Poor admin passwords allow global botnet attack

Researchers at FireEye and IntelCrawler blame IT professionals using weak passwords for the success of a global botnet campaign that infected thousands of computers and compromised hundreds of retailer point-of-sale terminals in recent weeks.

ICYMI: British spies, security researchers and finding value from BYOD

Last week's In Case You Missed It column looks at how the British government is going against the trend for surveillance transparency with its new DRIP bill, the controversial firing of a security researcher and issues around managing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend.