The 5 most read articles this week: July 4-11
The 5 most read articles this week: July 4-11

Is your smartphone really switched off?

Amidst the continuing allegations of NSA and GCHQ surveillance, rumours abound that government agencies may be using a certain program code to prevent the smartphone on-off  from operating, simply placing the handset into hibernation instead.

Hotel Hippo closes for good after data breach

Less than one week after an independent security consultant found that Hotel Hippo had numerous security flaws on its website, the UK travel-booking website was closed unexpectedly, highlighting the potential dangers for SMEs.

'Complacency' to blame for undetected data breaches   

In its annual Boardroom Cyber Watch 2014 study, global cyber security provider and CREST member IT Governance found that five in 10 senior IT managers admit that it's possible their firm has suffered an undetected data breach.

Senior figures from the company have put this down in part to cyber security ‘complacency'.

UK government criticised for opposing 'right to be forgotten'

The British government has been criticised by the president of a leading UK data protection professional body for trying to water down the 'right to be forgotten' privacy protection now being implemented by Google.

Most UK firms expect to be targeted by cyber-attacks next year

Two-thirds of UK companies believe that they will be targeted by a cyber-attack within the next year, leading some industry observers to question whether business defences are up to scratch.