There is a distinct danger in ‘simply uploading data and assuming it remains secure' and greater care needs to be taken to ensure safety of data.

According to Joseph Souren, vice president and general manager EMEA at Wave Systems, enterprises need to harness cloud infrastructure and ensure that the information they store is secure and have control over it.

He said: “Cloud storage has become increasingly prevalent in today's market, with enterprises quick to embrace the benefits. Yet, there have always been dangers in simply uploading data and assuming it remains secure. The latest figures are of particular concern as the majority of CIOs remain unaware that cloud storage services are not inherently secure, and that further measures must be taken to maintain data integrity.

“Enterprises need to harness cloud infrastructure but also ensure the information that they put into the cloud is secure. They need to regain the control over their data and choose who can see it.”

Souren referenced research from Protiviti, whose survey of 100 CIOs found that 55 per cent do not test the security systems and procedures provided by cloud vendors, while 84 per cent said that they were either concerned or very concerned about cyber security.

Research from CipherCloud, also released last week, found that 44 per cent of 300 business decision makers were concerned about security and risk of data breaches regarding their organisations' sensitive information being in the cloud. A third (33 per cent) said that a loss of control over data was the biggest concern, while ‘data residing under foreign jurisdiction control' was highlighted by 23 per cent.