Almost three-quarters of delegates to a recent SC Magazine webcast have admitted to being 'very concerned' about the vulnerabilities of username and passwords.

In the recent SC Magazine webcast, entitled 'Axe Passwords: The Future's Mobile', examples such as LinkedIn, Sony and Epsilon were cited and the question was asked of the 200-strong audience of how well equipped username and password authenticators are to secure today's increasingly mobile-centric corporations?

The webcast moved from this to discussion of the various authenticators available and their respective pros and cons. Passwords, biometrics, smart cards and hard tokens were all among the options discussed, each weighed up according to their relative cost and effectiveness.

With no silver bullet solution identified, the discussion moved to the options for integrating the most effective authenticators into a user's mobile device.

Dave Mahdi of Entrust, who was among the speakers, said: “Users are asking why they can't use their phone to access say a building, when they can use it to access the corporate network. With the geo-location and biometrics available to us now mobile can move from being an organisation's Achilles Heel to being the ultimate authenticator.”

A podcast is available of the full discussion via this link.