This arrived into my inbox a while back from Websense, thought it was entertaining enough to share.

The Ten Commandments: Allowing your workforce to get the most out of Web 2.0:

1. Survey employees and understand how they use Web 2.0 - Different user groups need different things

2. Agree and define your company policy - Have an opinion, then document this philosophy

3. Monitor Web 2.0 usage (inbound and outbound) - To protect employees and corporate assets

4. Ensure ‘inclusive' policies - Corporate policy should apply to all user groups, all roles and fixed vs. mobile
5. Secure employee corporate identities - Do you want corporate identities posted on Social Networks?

6. Don't assume old issues are no longer issues - Porn, gambling & hacking content is rife in the Web 2.0 landscape

7. Protect internal confidential data from leaking out - One of the biggest hidden dangers of Web 2.0

8. Mitigate inbound malicious threats - Threats have become more targeted towards the Web2.0 platforms

9. Consider mandatory disclaimer usage - To differentiate employee personal views from company views

10. Measure all aspects of points 1-9 - Web 2.0 has huge potential, but ensure you can measure ROI on any spend/cost items