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Home Office to offer concessions on IP Bill

Following privacy concerns voiced by the Intelligence Security Committee about the Investigatory Powers Bill, The Home Office Secretary is set to offer concessions on the bill itself with an added privacy clause to limit 'unnecessary' spying.

Dynamic duo: Police and university to fight cyber-crime

The 18 month project will be closely watched by The Home Office, who are keen to use the lessons learnt here to fight cyber-crime nationally.

IP Bill: Home Office trolling privacy advocates?

A revised version of the Investigatory Powers Bill has been formally presented to Parliament and will soon be debated, after just 120 days of scrutiny from three committees.

Revised Investigatory Powers Bill to be released later today

A revised version of the Investigatory Powers Bill is to be published later today by the Home Office. Introduced last year, it came under fire for it's lack of clarity about privacy and security.