A Trusted Technology Forum (TTF) has been established by The Open Group to provide a collaborative, open environment for the promotion of guidelines for manufacturing, sourcing and integrating trusted, secure technologies.

It will operate under the stewardship of The Open Group, who said that the TTF's primary objective is to shape global procurement strategies and best practices to help reduce threats and vulnerabilities in the global supply chain.

Its founding members include representatives from Boeing, Carnegie Mellon SEI, CA Technologies, Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NASA, Oracle and the US Department of Defense.

Initially, the TTF will release a framework that will unify industry best practices that contribute to the secure and trusted development, manufacture, delivery and ongoing operation of commercial software and hardware products.

It said that its long-term objective is to develop a globally-recognised programme based on open, international standards. This program will identify trusted technology providers and products throughout the global supply chain, enabling suppliers to innovate and build technology products with integrity enabling customers to buy with confidence.

Its work program will aim to: identify and promote the use of supply-chain best practices; identify manufacturing practices for protecting product lifecycle and checkpoints throughout the lifecycle; develop criteria for identifying trusted technology providers; and work with the global community to develop responsible and realistic procurement strategies for mitigating supply chain risk.

Andras Szakal, IBM distinguished engineer and board member of The Open Group, said: “IBM is a founding member of The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum because building security into the critical systems of the planet requires global, multi-disciplinary and multi-sector collaboration.

“Through this collaboration, IBM and other TTF participants will identify and promote for global adoption the best practices and tools that enable technology users and suppliers alike to confidently develop, integrate, and update essential security protections within the fabric of their critical systems.”

David Lounsbury, chief technical officer of The Open Group, said: “The Open Group has long served as an open environment and facilitator whereby members around the world collaborate to create initiatives that drive industry standards development and certification programs.

“By forming the TTF in response to the growing need to address global cyber threats, we are fortunate to be able to draw from some of the most innovative organisations in the world as founding members and look to their leadership to grow the Trusted Technology Provider Framework and provide best practices to all industries and governments.”

Tim Brown, chief security architect at CA Technologies, said: “We recognise that the global community in which we operate needs an international, standards-based program that gives vendors confidence that the technologies in their supply chain are secure and meet the same high-standards they hold for themselves. The criteria developed by the TTF will assist buyers in their due diligence and help speed time-to-market.”