ForeScout Technologies has announced that CounterACT is helping corporate enterprises and federal organisations protect against data theft over peer-to-peer pipelines.


Following news that plans for President Barack Obama's Marine One helicopter were leaked to an Iranian cybercriminal, ForeScout has claimed that there is a need for mandates against the download and use of peer-to-peer file-sharing programs.


Details about the engineering, financial and communications information about President Obama's Marine One helicopter were stolen from a defence contractor's laptop over P2P and traced to an IP address in Tehran, Iran.


Gord Boyce, president of ForeScout Technologies, said: “With CounterACT, any P2P program running on any IP device on your network can be automatically discovered, shutdown, and de-installed in real-time, with or without notification to the end-user.


“As we saw with this most recent federal data theft, organisations must be prepared to defend their network against cyber espionage by detecting and eliminating the kinds of applications that are prone to data leaks.”