The use of mobile spyware for corporate espionage is becoming an increasing worry for enterprises.

Simeon Coney, VP of business development and strategy at AdaptiveMobile, claimed that organisations are becoming increasingly astute when it comes to monitoring and reporting on employees' online behaviour in a bid to protect data and prevent fraud. However, with over 50 per cent of the UK workforce now mobility enabled, can stringent processes be extended to cover those workers accessing servers via mobile devices?

As the problem with insider threats and incidents increase, Coney said that IT and security managers need to look beyond the typical software-based tools with which they protect their internal systems.

Commenting on mobile spyware for corporate espionage, he said: “There are simple applications, widely available that can be covertly downloaded onto smartphones. They can copy and forward on all sent and received messages, record calls and even act as a listening device – all without the owner ever realising the application is there, let alone siphoning data.

“By putting in place network-hosted defence, operators can identify threats, blocking potential breaches before they even reach the end-user's handset or mobile data enabled laptop.”