In case you have not been caught up in the internet whirlwind, the rumours about the Sugababes advertising Microsoft's Windows 7 are true.

First alerted to me by the glory of Twitter, the operating system has now been available for over a month and was christened with its vulnerability last week. However to sit alongside its ‘I'm a PC and Windows 7 was my idea' advertising tag, the company has employed girls band the Sugababes to participate in the latest branch of its ad campaign.

If you can bring yourself to watch it the videos are located here and feature the new one, the not-so-new-one and the one-who-almost-there-from-the-beginning demonstrating the parental controls, the snap to feature and the ability to personalise your OS with their perfectly manicured fingernails.

Ok so the videos are tacky and the girls are as wooden as Hugh Grant, but there is no doubt that this message will carry to those it intends to reach. I doubt the average tweenager has the buying capacity or the desire to upgrade to Microsoft's finest, but as an attempt to demonstrate the basic workings of Windows 7 I can only say that Microsoft has succeeded.

After all, Nintendo had the ploy of showing how user friendly its Wii games system by having the likes of the Redknapps and Ant and Dec demonstrating it and the adverts have probably increased sales of it. This is a different kettle of fish in terms of selling a product, but if Microsoft were looking to spark debate and were looking for something a little tongue in cheek, then I can only say that they have succeeded.