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Retailers need to re-think how they protect the in-store experience

Increased use of technology has increased exposure to retail crime vulnerabilities as retailers move towards harnessing the in-store network, but data-driven approaches can also increase security.

Indicted Iranian hackers phished targets using library account lures

The nine US-indicted Iranians who stand accused of exfiltrating 31 terabytes of research and data from educational institutions, companies and government agencies, allegedly used phishing schemes to steal university credentials.

Newsbite: Criminal behind €1 billion cyber-bank robberies arrested in Spain

The leader of the crime gang behind the Carbanak and Cobalt malware attacks targeting more than 100 financial institutions worldwide has been arrested in Alicante, Spain.

Iranians indicted over state-sponsored IP theft, hacking US universities

The US Dept of Justice has charged nine Iranians from the Mabna Institute with stealing more than 31 terabytes of files from US, UK and other universities, companies, government agencies and non-governmental organisations.

Bitcoin stealing malware distributed on for nearly a year

Bitcoin stealing malware that swaps user accounts with that of the attacker was found to be hosted on servers for nearly a year.

Mueller team questions Trump's knowledge of hacked DNC emails

US investigators in the Russian probe led by Robert Mueller have been asking witnesses if US President Trump knew emails were stolen from Democrat entities by Russians and were going to be leaked by WikiLeaks prior to their publication.

Owners of hacked Tokyo cryptocurrency exchange owed £302 million

On Sunday it was announced that Coincheck Inc would return 46.3 billion Yen (£302 million) of virtual money to its owners after hackers stole the amount last week in one of the biggest-ever virtual money thefts, according to Reuters.

Imgur acts to disclose years-old breach that compromised 1.7 million users

Online image sharing and hosting service Imgur was breached in 2014, resulting in the theft of roughly 1.7 million user email addresses and passwords, the company confirmed last Friday in an online notification.

Hackers steal nearly £400K from Enigma virtual currency ICO investors

Hackers stole close to £400,000 in Ethereum from Enigma, a cryptocurrency trading platform provider prior to September ICO.

ATM Black Box attack heists lead to arrest of 27 European cyber-crooks

Efforts of a number of EU Member States and Norway have culminated in arrests of 27 people connected to ATM "Black Box" attacks across Europe.

ICYMI: Steel IP stolen; Charity phishing; Zcash miners; Tesco implications; ITPros without hols

In this month's In Case You Missed It we look at German steel hack; crypto-currency miners; Tesco hack roundtable; IT pros holiday woes.

Tesco Bank accounts frozen as cash taken from 20,000

A cyber-attack over the weekend has stolen large sums of cash from tens of thousands of Tesco Bank Online customers, leading the bank to freeze customer accounts

Password thefts and account hijacking - why every data dump should be on your mind

The theft of millions of password credentials can lead to automated attacks on other companies' sites. But Stephen Singam asks how can they be prepared to spot this risk?

Hackers have stolen £49 million worth of bitcoins

£49 million worth of Bitcoins have been stolen from Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange causing the price of Bitcoin to drop, and thus shaking confidence in the Bitcoin space.

[Updated] Panama Papers: Who let the docs out?

The leaking of 11.5 million documents has underscored the vulnerability of data on electronic systems and raised the intriguing question of who did it?

SC staff hit by contactless card theft

A member of the SC team has had money taken from their bank account, apparently via a contactless card theft.

Cyber-criminals increasingly targeting peer to peer and payday lenders, says new report

New forms of lending are increasingly under threat from cyber-attacks according to a new report from ThreatMetrix. As forms of financing and borrowing change, so the habits of identity stealing cyber-criminals seem to change with them.

Fingerprint technology far from foolproof for banking apps

A new approach to mobile user protection should focus on self-defending apps that provide an integrated, dedicated and secure solution to cyber-crime threats suggests Tom Lysemose Hansen

Largest bank heist ever conducted online?

The multi-facited Carbanak cyber-raid on global financial institutions appears to be the biggest ever bank robbery by a single cyber-crime group.

Bitstamp to resume trading after theft

Bitstamp said today that it expects to resume trading within 24 hours following a breach on 4th January.

Russia to launch banking IT-security centre

Russian banks to share attack details via IT security centre for the banking sector.

Google: Phishing is 'astonishingly' successful

Phishing emails - which often seem blatantly fake to security professionals - are far more successful and professionally exploited than previously thought, according to new Google research.

Visa contactless hack takes a million units of any foreign currency

Visa is acting to prevent attacks on its contactless cards using a flaw found by Newcastle University researchers while dismissing the findings as "no cause for concern".

Hackers develop ATM-specific malware: cardless withdrawals, 40 notes at a time

ATMs: easy cash from the bank, if you know how...

Amazon's £600m Twitch gaming site hit by malware

The online gaming platform, which is now owned by Amazon and has more than 55 million monthly viewers, has been infected with malware that spends users' money without their permission.