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Trump admin imposes sanctions on Russia for election interference, NotPetya

A day after PM Teresa May tossed Russian diplomats out of the country following a nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy in a British town, the Trump administration imposed sanctions on Russian individuals and organisations.

What exactly will this new bill of rights mean for privacy laws within the UK?

The Justice Secretary has announced in a radio interview that the government will go ahead with the abolition of the UK's Human Rights Act, only for it to be replaced with a British 'bill of rights'.

IP Bill: Home Office trolling privacy advocates?

A revised version of the Investigatory Powers Bill has been formally presented to Parliament and will soon be debated, after just 120 days of scrutiny from three committees.

Revised Investigatory Powers Bill to be released later today

A revised version of the Investigatory Powers Bill is to be published later today by the Home Office. Introduced last year, it came under fire for it's lack of clarity about privacy and security.