Trusteer has launched a security threat and risk assessment content sharing platform to provide information on attackers and activities and their targets and methods.

Named the Trusteer Situation Room (TSR), the company said that it gathers information on malware activity from a worldwide network and identifies new threats targeting financial institutions' systems and customers.

According to Trusteer, it also provides a technical analysis of attacks and their implications and recommendations for how to mitigate them. It works by generating an alert each time a new threat targets a specific brand and monitors more than 1,000 directly targeted banks.

Yaron Dycian, vice president of products for Trusteer, said: “With the pace of cyber crime increasing every day, even the largest and most security conscious organisations don't have the internal resources to keep up with the continuous onslaught of malware and phishing attacks that targets their business.

“The Trusteer Situation Room harnesses the depth and breadth of our global security monitoring network to detect, analyse and report on attacks as they happen. We provide the critical intelligence organisations need to protect their assets and keeps customers safe.”