Threat Intelligence News, Articles and Updates

What is Strategic Threat Intelligence?

There are generally three 'levels' of cyber-threat intelligence: strategic, operational and tactical, which serve different functions.

Want the inside track on protecting yourself from hackers? try the Dark Web

Finding dark web sites - programming the crawlers to search specific sites - is extremely complicated and difficult because,unlike a surface web address, dark web sites don't use HTTP addresses, but instead use onion addresses.

How threat intelligence can help you best utilise your security budget

SOC analysts are becoming buried in more security data every day and, without the right tools, identifying critical security insights and making the right recommendations in an efficient or effective manner is next to impossible.

Group IB, INTERPOL sign data exchange agreement

Group IB, the cyber-security firm that uncovered the BadRabbit ransomware attacks in October, has signed a threat-exchange agreement with INTERPOL.

Understanding the human element behind cyber-attacks: indicators of attack

Joep Gommers explains why focusing on the actor will help businesses to protect themselves from a potential cyber-attack, hence the need to understand indicators of attack, in addition to indicators of compromise.

InFocus: Threat intelligence to prioritise and optimise defence posture

Sponsored video: By monitoring a wide range of security data feed and dark web sites, Skybox generates threat intelligence which keeps up with ever-changing attack vectors.

Threat intelligence - tell me everything, but only what I need to know

Mark Kedgley discusses the concept of alert fatigue and the need for forensic level, real-time integrity change monitoring, combined with blacklist/whitelist based analysis for breach detection.

A community approach to threat intel: standards, sharing & collaboration

Joep Gommers discusses how organisations can create a "community of communities" to effectively map the future threat landscape.

Your security solutions not keeping you safe enough?

Noam Rosenfeld offers six Cs for deploying the right detection and says response technology is the next logical step.

Effective cyber-threat hunting: Keeping ahead of an ever-evolving threat landscape

Tim Bandos discusses how to effectively hunt and identify advanced threats, before they can cause serious damage to your organisation.

The EMEA InfoSec landscape: A CISO perspective

Chris Hodson outlines his CISO perspective and the challenges he currently faces.

64% of global organisations lack formal threat intelligence programmes

Global organisations are more confident about their ability to predict and resist cyber-attacks, but fall short of recovering from a breach in today's expanding threat landscape.

76% of security pros believe threat intelligence should be shared

Many security professionals believe that they have a moral responsibility to share threat intelligence

Shifting the Economic Balance of Cyber-Defence

Ben Johnson discusses threat intelligence sharing and how current standards are without expert input.

NSFOCUS receives Bounty Award for fourth consecutive year

For the fourth consecutive year, NSFOCUS has received the honour of the Microsoft Mitigation Bounty Award.

Hunting the hackers: Why threat intelligence isn't enough

James Parry explores why the enterprise needs to move beyond threat intelligence to proactively seek out emerging threats on social media and the dark web

Prioritising threat intelligence

Steven Rogers advises steps that will allow security teams to prioritise threats based on relevant threat intelligence.

SC Roundtable: Turning data into actionable intelligence

Discussing 'Turning data into actionable intelligence', SC Magazine's latest roundtable saw a gathering of cyber-security practitioners to discuss threat intelligence.

Report notes shift from individual cyber-crims to skilled adversaries

A new report from threat-intelligence experts Crowdstrike has highlighted the continuous shift from individual cyber-criminals and cyber-gangs to skilled adversaries such as governments and large organisations.

Four key predictions for enterprise security in 2016

The threats faced and intelligence needed in enterprise security is always changing and the organisations that stay on top of these trends will be best placed to handle whatever comes their way says Mark Hughes.

Update: Government officials being targeted with the retailer's techniques

A new threat intelligence report from FireEye has identified a group using techniques and tools commonly employed by retailers to target high-level government and military officials.

2% of mobiles infected with malware, says report

Skycure has announced results of its first Mobile Threat Intelligence Report which found a growth in threats to enterprise and personal mobile devices.

Three Stages to cyber-situational awareness and more effective cyber-security

What's lacking in many organisations' cyber-defences is cyber-situational-awareness that provides a more holistic and specific view of threats and vulnerabilities relevant to your organisation says Alastair Paterson.

Dridex back on the radar after takedown

Combined might of FBI, Europol and NCA not enough to prevent malware re-emerging. Time to take a more proactive approach to intelligence, says Lord Jonathan Evans.

Cyber-intelligence service launched to spot attacks on payment systems

Custom-made for the payments industry, Visa and FireEye have launched Visa Threat Intelligence.

IP Expo Europe: The way you buy threat intelligence will change, says BAE Systems

The threat intelligence market will change as companies begin to consume it in different ways, said Russell Kempley at IPExpo.

Cambridge Festival of ideas to discuss cyber-security new tech

Cambridge Festival of Ideas to discuss Artificial Intelligence, Privacy in a digital age and human interaction with machines

Andrew Parker says MI5 needs greater cyber-security powers

In the first-ever live interview by an MI5 director general, Andrew Parker argues the case for police and intelligence services to have powers to decrypt private internet communications.

Facebook ThreatExchange nears 100 participants

Facebook's ThreatExchange platform has closed in on nearly 100 participants since its inception six months ago.