Threat Management Services 'overwatch' layer introduced by Trend Micro

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Trend Micro has launched the Threat Management Services offering that provides a network security 'overwatch' layer.

Trend Micro has launched the Threat Management Services offering that provides a network security 'overwatch' layer.

It claimed that Threat Management Services strengthens an organisation's existing security infrastructure against active, data-stealing malware that have evaded detection from their existing security solutions.

Trend Micro Threat Management Services uncovers threats and provides proactive early warning, containment and remediation; enterprises gain increased protection, greater visibility and less management complexity.

Trend Micro senior security advisor, Rik Ferguson, said: “The application will sit on the port of the switch, looks at the traffic and looks into the network and tells you what is on the network that you did not know about. This can be eye-opening for an enterprise, we have done an installation and we picked up active malware infections and in some cases, outbreaks when they had other technology installed.

New research from Trend Micro indicates that malware resides on computers a lot longer than previously thought. During analysis of more than 100 million compromised IPs, Trend Micro identified that the peak number of infected IPs are infected (or repeatedly infected) for more than two years, with a median infection length of 300 days for the top countries. Further, 80 per cent of all compromised machines had been infected for more than a month.

“Malicious software is tested against up-to-date anti-malware solutions, and because anti-malware is focussed on the data at the information layer, it misses out on what has not been detected,” said Ferguson.

Trend Micro claimed that Threat Management Services strengthens the protection of corporate assets through three key components: a network anti-malware technology that identifies, analyses and mitigates corporate-wide threat security issues; a signature-less cleanup technology effective against known and new malware; and with Trend Micro global threat security experts to secure corporate data and offer security expertise for IT departments.


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