THREAT OF THE MONTH: Deperimeterisation

News by Mark D. Parker

Mark D. Parker dissects deperimeterisation - what it is and how to prevent it.

What is it?
Increased end-user device mobility decreases the usefulness of network-edge security devices and increases the potential for device infection.
How does it work?
The average user now has two or more devices that contain corporate information and these devices are commonly used outside the corporate network.
Should I be worried?
The network edge firewalls, data leakage and other security devices can do little to secure these devices once they leave the corporate network.
How can I prevent it?
Understanding where the data is, and what your policies are for its use, is key; cloud-based web filtering, email and data leakage prevention tools can allow you to secure data transfer; set expectations in regard to security – all devices should be password protected and use data encryption; retrain users often on these policies so the importance of maintaining diligence in data security is maintained; constantly review and revise plans and training as new technologies become available.

Mark D. Parker is senior product manager at iSheriff

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