POS systems
POS systems

What is it?

A systematic attack to exfiltrate data from point-of-sale (POS) systems.

How does it work?

Attackers will use network infiltration techniques to gain access. 


Should I be worried?

Yes. The number of POS breaches is increasing. Even a small retail location can provide the payment card information of thousands of customers.


How can I prevent it?

Protect all attack vectors. Since most come from inside the network, it is important to ensure that the endpoint devices are secure, as well as the email and web vectors.

Use cloud-based security tools, which allow you to protect all devices and stay up to date. 

Keep POS devices up to date. If a vendor releases a patch, install it ASAP.  

Secure all devices, not just the POS device. Most attacks come from another device on the network that has been compromised. 

Secure your web gateway to only intended connections. 

Gated access for POS devices can insure that data is not exfiltrated without your knowledge.


–James Socas, executive chairman, iSheriff