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Shadow Brokers' NSA data dump offers up more revelations

A group of Hungarian researchers found that the National Security Agency (NSA) was able to scan for and track nation-state threat groups when NSA workers were conducting operations inside other country's systems.

Healthcare sector's biggest threats come from insiders, report

Healthcare is the only industry in which internal threat actors are the biggest threat to an organisation, a recent study posits.

Thales Data Threat Report: Increased security spend - in the wrong place

Some 78 percent of organisations polled The Thales 2018 Data Threat Report plan on increasing their IT security spending in 2018, up from 73 percent globally in 2017, and including nearly 86 percent of US organisations.

Why antivirus practices should never be allowed to stagnate

Even with a layered defence in place, it cannot be left to stagnate as the nature of threats will change over time and older defences may not be designed to combat new attacks.

SC Congress 2018: Should critical infrastructure be put on a war footing?

Cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure are now the biggest threat to humanity and more action and collaboration is needed to defeat nation state actors and terrorists threatening essential systems.

Scarabey ransomware introduces new tactics, distribution

The malicious actors behind Scarab ransomware have rolled out a new variant, one that uses a different distribution method and ransom threat in order to infect computers and ensure payment.

GandCrab blends old and new threat resources as ransomware evolves

A ransomware threat called GandCrab emerged during the last week of January, which itself not that newsworthy. However, it's distribution method and ransom currency choice could be pointers to how 2018 ransomware will evolve.

Hackers exploit flaw in enterprise software to deploy Monero cryptominer

Security researchers recently observed an unknown threat actor attempting to deploy a Monero cryptocurrency miner software to users' systems by leveraging Kaseya Ltd's Virtual Systems Administrator (VSA).

US Defence Dept stops 36M malicious emails daily, 600 Gbps DDoS attacks

Attackers continue to consider email an attractive attack vector and this highlights the stresses that security pros face daily trying to sort through threats.

Kaspersky says it detected 360K malicious files per day in 2017

A new Kaspersky Lab report states that the company's threat detection technologies identified an average of 360,000 malicious files per day in 2017, an 11.5 percent increase over the previous year, and a five-fold increase since 2011.

File Spider ransomware hitting Balkan nations

A malspam campaign targeting several Balkan countries is distributing a new ransomware called File Spider that threatens to delete a victim's files if the ransom is not paid within 96 hours.

Alleged HBO hacker, two others possibly linked to Iranian APT group

Researchers with ClearSky Cyber Security believe with medium-level confidence that they've linked three individuals to the Iranian advanced persistent threat group Charming Kitten, including the man accused of hacking HBO.

The evolution of analytics in threat detection

Cyber threats are evolving quickly. Fortunately, so is incident detection and response (IDR), powered by data explains Eric Sun, with techniques such as honeypots identifying suspect behaviour.

The cause of recent cyber-attacks: complacency.

When it comes to cyber-security, the problem is that while businesses and IT leaders are prioritising cyber-security investment, the investment in that security has always been responsive, rather than preventative says Steve Inglessis.

ICYMI: UK threats grow, TalkTalk2, something phishy at HSBC and more

In Case You Missed It: UK threat grows says NCSC, TalkTalk customers report fraud calls, HSBC customers being phished, NHS Wales breached, and the latest Web browser exploits.

Biology and computers: drawing parallels between immunology and cyber-security

Stephanie Forrest discusses the parallels between computer viruses and biology and how our understanding of them is informing cyber-security.

Data manipulation heralds a new era of hacking

Jason Hart discusses how data manipulation will be the biggest threat to businesses and public figures in the future

MoD goes Splunk to advance information as a 'force multiplier'

Operational intelligence firm Splunk describes 'full lifecycle' of attacks and advocates analytics-driven security

Iran finds, admonishes person claiming Daesh is cyber-threat

Iran Chief Brigadier General Kamal Hadianfar said at a Monday press conference that the person spreading the rumor that Daesh might poses a cyber-threat to Iran has been identified and admonished by FATA.

Report says UK must find better way to battle rise in cyber-crime

A report from Tech UK says that tackling cyber-crime in the UK needs better funding distribution, a police Managed Service Provider to contract skills more easily and more accurate reporting.

Security on the agenda

Cyber-security has become a boardroom issue, but too few boards give the topic the time or resources required, our experts agreed at a recent SC Magazine Roundtable. Opinions were split over how to respond

Last Word: Cyber-blackout - The dangers within and without the grid

Utilities face thousands of cyber-attacks every day, but we are not prepared for a successful take-down despite the very real threat says Oliver Eckel

MI5 warns IT staff targetted by foreign agencies

MI5 has issued a warning to British corporate chiefs that foreign spy agencies are targeting IT staff within big businesses, grooming them to gain access to highly valuable, corporate information according to an FT report.

CT Expo: 'White van man' adopts GPS jammers

Thieves and employees take assets off the network to avoid tracking

THREAT OF THE MONTH: Drive-by downloads

Drive-by downloads are stealthy in nature and very difficult to prevent.

Infosecurity Europe: Are cybercriminals winning the security game?

One of the hot topics at the Infosecurity Europe show - held in London this week - is the scale and complexity of the latest attacks against corporates.

Heartbleed flaw threatens millions of websites

Systems admins are being warned of a "potentially disastrous" security flaw that allows hackers to steal data from millions of websites worldwide without leaving a trace.

FireEye buys Mandiant for US$ 1 billion to counter growing cyber threat

FireEye taps its IPO cash pile to acquire data forensics specialist.

RSA Conference: RSA security chief slams 'cyber Pearl Harbor'

The use of the term 'cyber Pearl Harbor' has been slammed by Art Coviello, executive vice president of EMC and executive chairman of RSA, who said that he 'hated' the term.

Security model is not good enough to protect against targeted attacks

The old security model is doing an 'okay job' when it comes to preventing targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs), according to an industry expert.