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ThreatWall 450



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ThreatWall 450



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Strengths: Comprehensive feature set that is easy to configure and manage

Weaknesses: Nothing that we found

Verdict: The type of solid offering you would expect from eSoft at a very good price. We make it our Best Buy

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The ThreatWall is a full-scale email content management device with some excellent features. It comes loaded with the email ThreatPak, which includes an email content filter that can be configured for attachment stripping, keyword filtering from preloaded or custom word lists, and expression matching. The device can also control spam and protect against viruses, spyware and Trojans.

This product is simple from set up through management. Once the ThreatWall is connected inline between a firewall and a network switch, a setup wizard is run from a web browser on the network and the appliance is almost totally configured and ready to go. After the wizard is run, the box downloads and installs all current software updates and takes the administrator to the Threat Monitor dashboard. All management and configuration is done from the web-based GUI, which is quite intuitive to use.

With features such as Active Directory and Microsoft Outlook integration and solid compliance features, this product offers excellent email content control. The filter can meet requirements for regulations such as PCI. Email can also be quarantined or forwarded for review by the administrator. Since this product sits inline and monitors both inbound and outbound communication it is able to stop all possible threats.

This appliance comes with two short guides. The quick-start guide nicely outlines the initial deployment and setup of the ThreatWall. The user manual provides some greater detail on setup and configuration, as well as reporting capabilities.

ESoft offers phone and email support free for the first 90 days following purchase. After this period, support can be purchased on a per-incident basis. The Gold Care package offers an extended hardware warranty, Hot Swap option and three technical support incidents. There is also an online help page with FAQs and a knowledge base.

At £1,700 this product offers a solid feature set with a simple deployment for a good price. We find ThreatWall to be excellent value for money.

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