The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has announced settlements with three London-based companies for breaching intellectual property laws by using unlicensed software.

Inca Creative, a London-based graphic and website design agency, settled for £5,000 with the BSA after using unlicensed copies of Microsoft and Adobe software (including Office and Photoshop) on approximately 14 computers. The company also had to make compliance purchases of around £10,000.

Property advisors Matthews & Goodman LLP, paid the BSA £17,500 as a result of under-licensing Microsoft software on approximately 75 computers and three servers. Furthermore, Matthews & Goodman purchased a large amount of software in order to rectify the situation, meaning the total cost to the business was almost £60,000, excluding legal fees.

Following the discovery of unlicensed Microsoft software on approximately 30 computers, alternative asset management firm Fortune Asset Management, agreed an out-of-court settlement with the BSA worth £8,500. It has paid out approximately £10,000 on purchasing the correct licenses to ensure compliance.

Alyna Cope, spokesperson for BSA's UK Country Committee, said: “These cases highlight the major financial risks businesses in London are running by using unlicensed software. Our campaign is designed to help organisations avoid penalties but London, as one of the world's biggest centres of commerce, needs to set an example and companies flouting the law will be exposed.”