Three per cent of the world's viruses are emanating from the UK

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The UK is now responsible for three per cent of the world's viruses.

The UK is now responsible for three per cent of the world's viruses.


According to analysis by Network Box, this is a rise of one per cent in a month for the UK's virus writers and distributors. It claimed that the US and South Korea are the source of most of the world's internet threats, with the US being responsible for 17.2 per cent and South Korea responsible for six per cent of all viruses.


However the UK has escaped from inclusion in the top ten sources of spam, which is led by the US with 11.4 per cent, followed by Brazil with eight per cent and Turkey and South Korea with five per cent of the world's spam.


Simon Heron, internet security analyst for Network Box, said: “The growth in internet threats has slowed slightly from the massive 63 per cent we saw last month, but clearly in terms of volumes spam and malware are still rising significantly. We're still seeing the same suspects responsible: namely, the US and Korea.”









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