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Twitter blocks US spy agencies from getting key terror alerts

The social media giant has taken a stand when it comes to intelligence agencies using the service to collect data.

Action Fraud warns of new wave of Lizard Squad DDoS attacks

Lizard Squad is back with a vengeance, according to an advisory from Action Fraud UK which is advising organisations to report the attacks, keep detailed records and seek help from their ISPs.

Attackers exploit MS Windows 'God Mode' for evil ends

It appears that the developer mode of MS Windows, otherwise known as 'God Mode', is being leveraged by attackers to hide malware.

APT spies used malware made for jealous spouses

Trend Micro has dissected malware used in the Operation C-Major attack officers of the Indian army and tracked it back to malware that originated from Pakistan.

Android messaging apps leaking data through 'surreptitious sharing'

Vulnerability in Unix-based file permissions exposed passwords, private keys and message histories when users share images and other files.