Titus to launch email classification technology at next month's Infosecurity Europe 2011 show

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Titus is to launch its email classification product that combines data loss prevention (DLP) traits next month.

Titus is to launch its email classification product that combines data loss prevention (DLP) traits next month.

With a UK launch set for the Infosecurity Europe 2011 show, the company said that TITUS Aware for Microsoft Outlook protects businesses from inadvertent data breaches by validating emails for policy violations and regulatory compliance before they leave the desktop.

According to the company, it checks email content, attachments and recipients against corporate policies, ensuring that commercial enterprises share the right information with the right people. This is the first in a family of products from Titus specifically aimed at enterprises wanting to strengthen DLP strategies.

The company claimed that the Titus Aware family differs from other DLP solutions because it actively involves users in data loss prevention and helps to strike a balance between sharing and securing information.

It said that its Titus Aware products have real-time detect and correct technology that can detect sensitive information at the desktop, educate users on the handling of sensitive information and give users the tools to remedy data breaches before they can occur. False positives from enterprise DLP solutions can also be reduced by the Metadata Assist for DLPTM feature of Titus Aware.

Tim Upton, president and CEO of Titus, said: “Our message and document classification products have become a proven solution for military and government organisations around the world. However, the need for data protection does not stop there.

“As we have seen, there is a great need for commercial organisations to protect themselves from data breaches. By utilising our Titus Aware products in conjunction with other DLP solutions, CIOs can find peace of mind in knowing that the data which should not leave the organisation, will not.”



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