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Researcher hijacked PayPal OAuth tokens using this one simple trick

Payment services firm put out patch to stop hackers stealing OAuth tokens but only after security researcher persisted in telling them the service was vulnerable.

Securing remote Access with token-free authentication

Token-free, multi-factor authentication using mobile phones provides the real-time convenience and flexibility that today's work environment requires says Torben Andersen.


There are better paths to authentication than passwords, primarily using multifactor and biometric tools, says Peter Stephenson.

The great token debate

I read this week that one of the One Direction boys was bemoaning the fact that he had not been able to tweet for a week as he had no signal, not sure where he was but it just goes to show that you can't always rely on using your mobile phone.

Authentication remains on-premise, but users need to be empowered

Identity should be within the hands of the user and not the company.