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Netherlands nearly up to speed in cyber-security, says readiness report

The Netherlands has made great strides in implementing its cyber-security strategy, says latest CRI report, but still needs to address issues with funding and decision-making.

ENISA seeks broader EU cyber-security mandate in upcoming review

Ahead of the review and renewal of its mandate in 2020, ENISA is setting out its case for a broader mandate and larger budget to better attack cyber-crime in Europe.

WannaCry not first to exploit NSA EternalBlue, DoublePulsar malware

Turns out that WannaCry's creators were not the first to the table when it comes to exploiting the leaked NSA hacking tools EternalBlue and DoublePulsar.

How WannaCry crippled the NHS and a security researcher brought it back

Into the breach: how a security researcher and other cyber-security experts working together and alone stopped a virulent strain of malware in its tracks.

US Senate committee examines Kaspersky Lab links to Russian government

Reports in ABC News in America claim that the Senate intelligence committee is investigating links between Kaspersky Lab and Russia which could threaten US infrastructure, allegations the company strongly denies.