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Rapid detection and response to replace emphasis on perimeter

You won't become a great defender without attack capability. As a goalkeeper you need to play against the best to improve." Red teaming simulations part of AI tool learning process to identify truly malicious events.

£50m for law enforcement as Government ups ante on Cyber Defence

UK Home Secretary speech and announcements at CYBER UK Conference: Over £50 million investment pledged for the UK's cyber-defensive capabilities within law enforcement at a national, regional and local level.

Policy, strategy, & hard tech - competition & cooperation in cyber-skills

Competition clash: Cyber 9/12, the UK's first cyber-policy & strategy competition, & Cyberthreat 2018 where competitors gain elite technical skills, showcase breadth of talent and expertise needed to cope with the threats faced.

Darkest Hour? Cyber-war clouds gather as unprecedented threat looms

The internet is more than an infrastructure - it mediates human behaviour so it can have unprecedented impact - threatening our survival. It can be manipulated to constitute an insider threat on an unprecedented scale.

FIC 2018: European cyber-security cooperation will endure post Brexit

Guillaume Poupard, director general of Agence Nationale des Systèmes d'Information, France's cyber-security agency - told SC Media UK, that while cyber-security is a matter of national sovereignty, it should not stop at this level.