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Israel-UK cyber-security lessons - shared concerns, shared responses

Israel is under constant threat and conscription gives its army access to its brightest students - what can the UK learn from its approach to and understanding of cyber-terrorism?

Some of my best CISOs are women: Interview Tammy Moskites, Venafi

Many leading CISOs, with really interesting expertise and advice to offer, just happen to be women, yet a lack of role models is one factor often cited as contributing to the under-representation of women in this industry. So on International Women's day the CISO we happen to be interviewing is Tammy Moskites, CIO and CISO at Venafi, appointed as a Distinguished Fellow by the Ponemon Institute in 2014 and former CISO for Time Warner Cable and The Home Depot, as she shares her views on the changing role of the CISO and the industry.

One giant leap for womankind - from astrophysics to IT security

After eight years as an astronomer Dr Leila Powell, a security data scientist at Panaseer, switched careers to cyber-security. SC's Tony Morbin asks, why? how did it work out, and did it make any difference being a woman in this male-dominated world?

Shift Left - how to improve security in your developers' code - do it earlier

The simple premise behind last week's Shift Left conference, organised by CheckMarx, was to do security early and throughout code development, and empower developers.

Cyber Security's future - more difficult than winning the premiership

Delegates at The Future of Cyber Security in Manchester were told how the current problems are only getting worse and we're not starting from a great position, but there are defensive strategies than can reduce the risks.