Stay safe this Christmas with these 12 tips
Stay safe this Christmas with these 12 tips

As the popularity of shopping online increases, so do the odds of falling victim to cyber-crooks.


Last year, UK Christmas shoppers spent £24 billion shopping online, on the lookout for the hottest deals.


Paul Ducklin, senior technologist at Sophos, has put together the following cyber-security tips to help consumers focus on the fun that comes with the Christmas season rather than dealing with the headache of stolen credit card details or important documents lost to ransomware.

Feel free to pass these on to the staff in your organisation:


1.     Clean up your passwords before you start shopping

2.     Update your devices

3.     Backup your files

4.     Watch out for booby-trapped ATMs when shopping in public

5.     Beware of login links in emails

6.     Look for the padlock in the URL bar when shopping online

7.     Watch out for bogus courier emails

8.     Don't email your credit card details

9.     Turn off Flash on your devices

10.  Change default passwords before using any new home video devices

11.  Think before you share on social media

12.  Upgrade the software on any new devices before using them


And remember: After Christmas is over and 2017 comes along, all of these tips will still be valid. Keep your security guard up every day.