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Want the inside track on protecting yourself from hackers? try the Dark Web

Finding dark web sites - programming the crawlers to search specific sites - is extremely complicated and difficult because,unlike a surface web address, dark web sites don't use HTTP addresses, but instead use onion addresses.

It's all gravy for the onion router as Tor Browser beefs up security

Tor Browser 7.5 has been released this week complete with a bunch of security fixes that have already been rolled out to the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) 52.6 client it is built upon.

Tor patches flaw that could expose MacOS and Linux IP addresses

The Tor Project released a patch fixing an issue that could reveal the correct IP address of MacOS and Linux users using the Tor browser.

Zerodium offers up $1 million bounties for Tor zero day

Zero-day-acquisition firm Zerodium reported it will pay a total of US$ 1 million (£740,000) for zero day exploits found for the Tor browser on Tails Linux and Windows.

Security researchers discover over 100 suspicious Tor nodes snooping on traffic

New research claims to show that up to three percent of hidden services directories, the backbone of the Tor anonymous router system, have been compromised, which could enable the identification of users in some cases.

Tor used to secure IoT

The Guardian Project has integrated Tor security into the Internet of Things (IoT), creating a Tor Onion Service Configuration for the Home Assistant open source platform.

After Tor exploit, researchers develop new anonymity network

A team of researchers has created an anonymity network methodology that they believe is more efficient and more secure than existing anonymous networks such as Tor.

Eleanor Mac malware opens Tor connection for attackers to spy on and control Macs

A newly discovered malware capable of cyberespionage and remote takeover is targeting Mac computers, delivering its payload by opening up a backdoor connection to a command-and-control web server via the encrypted Tor network.

UN warns police are not up to targeting dark web superstores

Not a place you want to go shopping, the 'anonymous online marketplace' was meant to protect civil liberties but is now better known as a nefarious network for the illicit drugs trade.

Tor at work - the privacy and security dilemma

Thomas Fischer believes that the Investigatory Powers Bill will incentivise more citizens to use Tor to protect their online privacy. In turn, this could lead to more people using the Tor network at work, either for privacy reasons or to bypass the company firewall and browsing policies.

Python malware slithers its way into European organisations

A strain of malicious code written entirely in Python, dubbed PWOBot, has been discovered infecting a number of organisations based in Europe, specifically in Poland.

Researcher claims to identify Tor users by mouse movements

A security researcher has developed a proof-of-concept that can identify Tor users based how they move their mouse.

.Onion address growth suggests Locky surge

Professor Alan Woodward has identified a recent surge in .Onion address growth which may also mean an upswing of Locky infections

Tor launching bug bounty programme

A bug bounty programme will be launched later this year by the Tor Project to help steer security researchers to report issues that they find in software in a responsible manner.

Tor launches bug bounty campaign

Onion router asks security researchers to keep eyes peeled for flaws

Companies beware: The dark web is easier to find than you think

Julian Meyrick explains how companies should work toward a better understanding of the Dark Web and have useage policies in place for any rare instances where it is not blocked to employees.

GitHub of dark web offers anonymity, political neutrality

Dark web version of GitHub offers a place for developers to code controversial projects anonymously.

Tor alleges FBI paid Carnegie Mellon US $1M to hack hidden services

The Tor project alleged that the FBI paid Carnegie Mellon University researchers to attack Tor hidden services last year.

Russian firm tasked with cracking Tor throws in towel

A Russian firm tasked to gain information on Tor users is paying more than the value of the contract to back out of the agreement.

Dark website Agora closes over Tor vulnerability suspicions

Agora, one of the largest online black market sites, halted operations after concerns arose of vulnerabilities in Tor's hidden services.

IBM urges companies to block Tor—new banking trojan on black market

IBM advises businesses to block access to Tor and other anonymous networks.

IBM: Corporations could be the next target for ransomware attacks

The growing threat posed by ransomware and the possibility that cyber-criminals will graduate from extorting end users to large corporations topped the worry list of IBM's X-Force threat team in its Q3 threat intelligence report.

MIT cracks Tor anonymity network and recognises hidden servers

MIT and the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) have discovered a security vulnerability affecting the Tor anonymity network.

ICYMI: Tor rivals, Windows 10 and the cost of an APT

The latest ICYMI column looks at the biggest stories on SC this week, including a 'faster Tor', the security implications of Windows 10 and the actual cost of a real APT.

Hornet faster than Tor for anonymous browsing

Security researchers are behind a new type of anonymous web browsing.

ICYMI: Tor sniffing, router bugs and Hacking Team fallout

This week's ICYMI column looks at Tor sniffing, old-school router attacks and the fallout from the Hacking Team data breach.