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US FTC fines VTech toy firm over data breach

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fined toy firm VTech US$ 650,000 (£482,000) as part of a settlement for violating a US children's privacy laws.

'Boycott VTech', say Pen Test Partners

Ken Munro of Pen Test partners has said that VTech toys should be boycotted after the company announced it was no longer responsible for customers' data.

Star Wars BB-8 vulnerable to firmware hacking

Pen-testers manage to access insecure firmware update process on Star Wars BB-8

Hello Kitty, goodbye data: 3.3 million children put at risk online

Yet again, the personally identifiable details of millions of children have been stolen leading some experts to question how well they were secured and others to ask, should children even be allowed to use the internet?