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Retailers need to re-think how they protect the in-store experience

Increased use of technology has increased exposure to retail crime vulnerabilities as retailers move towards harnessing the in-store network, but data-driven approaches can also increase security.

Shadow Brokers' NSA data dump offers up more revelations

A group of Hungarian researchers found that the National Security Agency (NSA) was able to scan for and track nation-state threat groups when NSA workers were conducting operations inside other country's systems.

Invasive apps track you with ultrasonic sounds via your mobile microphone

An alarming number of applications are using a new privacy-busting technique called ultrasonic cross-device tracking.

Cross-device tracking by advertisers and why it's invading users' privacy

Research shows different ways of how advertisers track internet users without their consent.

WITCHCOVEN causes havoc to gather government data

An attack campaign described as having plenty of potential has collected extensive information from the internet and compromised selected websites.