Transparency News, Articles and Updates

Kaspersky transparency initiative to share code, updates to build trust

Following the US Federal ban on Kaspersky Lab products the company has launched a Global Transparency Initiative, providing its source code for third-party review and opening three transparency centres internationally.

By the numbers: Just how important is transparency to security posture?

Symantec's new report has been released, showing some interesting numbers on how many companies actively fail to report breaches, but how much does transparency really matter in keeping data safe?

New group begins ranking international tech companies and telecoms on respect for users' rights

The Ranking Digital Rights group released its inaugural "Corporate Accountability Index" which ranks 16 of "the world's largest internet and telecommunications companies"

Snapchat issues first transparency report, detailing almost 400 requests

Snapchat issues transparancey data for 4 month period showing nearly 100 government data requests per month.

NSA uses cookies to watch you online

Latest Edward Snowden revelations implicate Google in automated Internet tracking conspiracy