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How to stop the travel scammers taking you for a ride

The travel industry needs to act swiftly: the airline sector alone faces estimated losses of €1 billion a year from ticket fraud. It's time to improve fraud prevention and get better at attempts to hack back-end systems.

Former Expedia IT employee admits to hacking execs from the inside

A former employee of travel company, Expedia's IT department has plead guilty to hacking into his bosses email accounts and using private information to play the market.

British holidaymakers targeted by online travel agent scams

Holidaymakers are being ripped off by a number of scams originating from online travel agents with fake reviews and rigged pricing.

Leading the fight against loyalty fraud

Loyalty points have value. And when something has value, criminals will want to get their hands on it. So retailers and consumers have to work to keep these loyalty programmes safe according to Don Bush.