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From £2,365 for 100 users to £11,210 for 1,000 users

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Strengths: An easy to deploy, simple to manage one-stop shop for protection

Weaknesses: We really could not find anything during our testing

Verdict: This is an extremely strong, easy-to-use product loaded with features. We award it our Best Buy

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Trend Micro's Interscan Gateway has many useful features and protection capabilities, including anti-virus scanning for protocols such as SMTP, HTTP, FTP and POP3. The appliance will scan many of these protocols for spyware, spam, phishing, pharming and filter content. Because this is a gateway appliance and it is completely transparent, all traffic is monitored in both directions.

It also has the ability to perform web URL and content filtering in order to block harmful or inappropriate web content. Damage Cleanup will deploy an agent to a known infected machine and eliminate all traces of malware on the infected client.

We found this appliance extremely easy to use. Trend Micro had forgotten to include documentation in the box with the appliance it sent to us. While waiting for the company to send it on, we decided to try deploying without the set-up manuals or quickstart guides. We had the device up and running in minutes. The web interface is very simple to navigate and has an intuitive structure.

The Interscan Gateway appliance performed very well. It has a massive amount of flexibility and can be deployed by itself or as added protection to your existing network structure of firewalls and VPNs without causing any disturbance to the network.

It is a completely agentless system that monitors traffic through gigabit ethernet cards, which means it causes very little disruption to network traffic.

Once we received the documentation for this product, we found it to be as outstanding as the product itself. The easy-to-understand quickstart, deployment and user guides are available as PDF documents and have live hyperlinks to make navigation simple.

Trend Micro offers several web-based support options based on the size and structure of the environment.

This product is excellent value for money. The Interscan device is designed to be a one-stop shop for malware protection in any environment.

The product is fully inclusive, so there are no extra charges for modules or extra filters. This means that once deployed and configured, the device will keep the network fully protected from all the dangers that are lurking in the shadows of the internet and email.

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