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£39.60 per user up to 50 users

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Strengths: Well rounded product, priced well for the features

Weaknesses: No RIM/BlackBerry support

Verdict: Niec solution for portable device security. Delivers a feature-rich set of tools for securing portable devices. Our Best Buy

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Trend Micro Mobile Security (TMMS) 5.1 protects smartphones from data loss, infections and attacks. Part of a central enterprise console, Trend Micro's OfficeScan 8, it can also manage desktop protection. Trend Micro OfficeScan protects enterprise networks from malware, network viruses, web-based threats, spyware and mixed threat attacks. It consists of a client program that resides at the endpoint and a server program that manages all clients.

The product comes in two versions, standard, which provides firewall, intrusion detection, anti-virus and centralised management; and advanced, which adds encryption and authentication capabilities. We tested the advanced version. This delivers encryption and authentication to provide data integrity and protection against lost or stolen devices. Also included is anti-malware, firewall and IDS and a lock management feature for controlling phone options such as WiFi, cameras and GPS. TMMS supports most Windows Mobile and Symbian devices, but not RIM/BlackBerry devices.

The Mobile Security management module is a plug-in program on the Mobile Security Management server, enabling you to control mobile device agents from the OfficeScan web console. It sounds confusing, but the software was easy to load. We had to load a web server service first, IIS or Apache.

We were pleased with the management interface. Managing and viewing log data was easy. Reporting was not very robust other than what was available through the log viewer. From configuring policy, to setting up domains to locking, unlocking or wiping a device remotely via SMS message, the console made the management of the mobile devices simple. The encryption component applied to the local device storage as well as any removable media housed on the device.

Basic support comes with the product and includes 24/7 phone and email access. Software maintenance is available for an additional fee. The documentation was detailed and complete.

This solution provided everything we were looking for in a portable security solution. Easy to use and manage, integrated protection suite and priced attractively.

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