Trend Micro rolls out Titanium netbook protection, as it confirms support

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Trend Micro has introduced cloud-based security to netbooks.

Trend Micro has introduced cloud-based security to netbooks.

Protecting against viruses and spyware and using the latest scanning technology, Trend Micro claimed that its Titanium Security brings the power of the cloud to protect netbooks and provides robust security features that are easy to use and install.

It claimed that it remains light on the device's memory, and does not frustrate users by slowing down their netbooks when browsing the internet, or sending or receiving email. Trend Micro Titanium also features a sleek and intuitive widget-like interface.

Anthony O'Mara, VP of EMEA at Trend Micro, said: “Trend Micro identified that for everyday tasks such as email and surfing the web, netbook users need easy-to-install, easy-to-use powerful protection that automatically detects and removes the latest viruses and spyware."

Titanium has also been endorsed by Asus and will ship all its Eee PC netbooks as standard.

John Swatton, marketing specialist at Asus, said: “Netbooks are often used to surf the internet and many people may not be aware of precautions they need to take to protect themselves against online threats. Low computing power also means savvy netbook users may shut down critical security programs to boost speed. Titanium runs in the background providing comprehensive, up-to-date protection against online threats without slowing down the system.”

Trend Micro has also signed on as the latest sponsor of Get Safe Online, joining the likes of the Cabinet Office, Home Office, National Fraud Authority, PayPal, Ofcom and VeriSign.

O'Mara said: “We want to ensure that consumers are best equipped with full protection against internet safety threats such as computer viruses, malware and spam, and education is a very big part of that. This partnership with Get Safe Online will help us reach more people to encourage them to ensure that their PCs are secure.” managing director, Tony Neate, added: “Making sure internet users are aware of the risks and have the tools to help protect themselves is a challenging task. Get Safe Online is delighted to welcome Trend Micro on board to support our efforts and lend its expertise to help meet our goals.”


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