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OceanLotus hacker group launches malicious MacOS backdoor

Researchers at Trend Micro have discovered how the hacker group OceanLotus, which is also known in cyber-security as APT 32, APT-C-00, SeaLotus, and Cobalt Kitty, is using a new backdoor to target MacOS computers.

Double cryptominer delivered via Oracle server exploit

Threat actors exploited the CVE-2017-10271 vulnerability which allows for remote code execution to deliver both a 64-bit variant and a 32-bit variant of an XMRig Monero miner, according to a 26 February blog post.

AndroRAT exposes fragmented Android ecosystem vulnerabilities

A new version of a familiar menace, AndroRAT, has emerged from out of the trash to exploit long forgotten vulnerabilities.

Confucius cyber-gang spreads backdoor ridden chat apps in Romance scams

As Valentine's Day arrives, cyber-criminals have been looking to once again seize the opportunity to target lonely singles in romance schemes looking to persuade victims into downloading malware hidden in chat apps.

36 malicious apps advertised as security tools spotted in Google Play

Trend Micro researchers notified Google that 36 malicious apps on Google Play are posing as security tools.

Threat group APT-C-23 still active, releases GnatSpy mobile malware

A new mobile malware family, dubbed GnatSpy, that may be a much more dangerous variant of the earlier VAMP malware, has been reported in the wild.

Blackhat EU: Vicious circles of ransomware

Federico Maggi told audience members at Blackhat that ransomware presents a new intervention in cyber-criminality

Analysis: CISOs are showing up to a knife fight with a chessboard

A new paper from Trend Micro has shown that outdated technologies are still being used in security-critical areas. Is this a step back for security in the places that its need most?

New research shows ransomware victims are paying up

New research from security company Trend Micro shows ransomware victims are paying up, despite remaining defiant to fight it as much as possible.

HostSailor threatens Krebs with lawsuit

Web hosting company HostSailor has threatened legal action against KrebsonSecurity for posting a story, based on a Trend Micro report, tying that web firm to a now defunct group known for nefarious web activities.

Stampado RaaS reflective of market trends

Trend Micro researchers spotted a new ransomware as a service (RaaS), dubbed Stampado, which may be indicative of ransomware market trends.

VirusTotal policy changes spark outrage among newer tech startups

Changes in policy at information sharing database, VirusTotal, mean that those who don't put in will get nothing back, but some warn that this is merely the old guard of tech world muscling out the new players.

Google's Project Zero outs "ridiculous" Trend Micro flaw

Google's mysterious project zero have shown that Trend Micro accidentally left a remote debugging tool in several of its products.

Public private partnership results in arrests of two suspected malware creators

The malware services website has been taken down thanks to a joint effort between the National Crime Agency and Trend Micro.

UK organisations are top targets for cyber-attackers, says report

The UK is a big target for cyber attack according to new research, but it's better prepared than most European countries.

Rocket Kitten APT threat persists after being outted

Trend Micro and ClearSky published an updated report on Rocket Kitten, a state-sponsored group targeting Israeli and European organisations.