Tripwire's updated Enterprise suite integrates controls from its VIA platform to address intelligence and automation challenges.

According to the company, security incident and event management (SIEM) solutions are often disparate, making them noisy, easily exploited and difficult to manage. It also said these disjointed controls are rarely managed in a way that reflects the needs and priorities of the business, as they often fail to put the critical security data in the hands of the staff who can best use this information.

In the new version of the suite, controls such as VIA Asset View and VIA Configuration Data Mart are integrated with the Fast Track setup utility to align Tripwire Enterprise to their business worldview and add relevant business context to file and configuration monitoring.

Dwayne Melançon, vice president of products at Tripwire, said: “With VIA Asset View, security solutions no longer rely on brittle, hierarchical data, but rather on interfaces that are as dynamic and flexible as the enterprises they protect. Instead of just looking at ‘suspicious changes' or ‘failed compliance tests,' Tripwire is enabling customers to immediately see why this information matters and the risk it poses to their businesses.”

The company added that Configuration Data Mart harvests critical configuration state information and makes it available to business intelligence and reporting systems to give practitioners crucial data at their fingertips.

“This new version of Tripwire Enterprise not only demonstrates our VIA vision for control integration, but also the real-world benefits VIA offers,” said Melançon.