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Retailers still in need of data breach response plan

A recent survey showed that surprisingly, a large percentage of retailers still have no data breach response plan in place.

Three major flaws found in Ruckus Enterprise APs

Craig Young, a researcher at Tripwire has found several major security flaws in Ruckus Enterprise APs

GitHub recovers from major outage; cause unknown

GitHub experienced a major outage early Tuesday morning, but within approximately 90 minutes the software development hosting service identified the problem and announced that its online operations were running normally.

Tripwire offers advice on how to teach teens about cyber-security

Recent incidents such as the TalkTalk breach and the breach of CIA director John Brennan's email account have allegedly involved young hackers.

IT pros lack key info to defend against cyber-attacks

To quickly detect an occurring cyber-attack on endpoints, there are seven important security controls required to be put in place by a wide variety of security regulations.

Pro-Palestine hacktivist makes good on threat, posts data on FBI and DHS personnel

The hacker responsible for breaching the Department of Justice's web portal has publicly posted stolen data corresponding to roughly 20,000 employees of the FBI and 9,000 from the Department of Homeland Security.

Nearly 5 million customers' details stolen from brokerage firm

Last year, Scottrade, a US broker, was subjected to a breach that saw a potential 4.6 million customers' records stolen. They only found out in August.