With a new year comes opportunity for improvement. The year 2015 has been eventful for the cyber-security industry. Data breaches affected businesses, communication networks, toys, and large government institutions.

Tripwire's director of IT security and risk strategy, Tim Erlin, says, “Breaches are not going away any time soon. We have seen massive changes in the breach landscape over the last year, and chief information security officers should anticipate escalating threats in 2016.” Erlin recommends that CISOs make new security resolutions in 2016 that include:

-Building a breach response plan prior to needing it that everyone in your enterprise can understand.

-Test and review the breach plan if it is available, especially if it's old and needs revisions.

-Meet and discuss preparing for a breach with your legal team. Set a date to get the conversation started or keep the current one fresh in their minds.

-Stick to resolutions and get ahead of compliance. Policy and compliance can be costly and damaging if not given the proper care. 

Chris Conacher, security analyst for Tripwire said, “2016 needs to be the year where security becomes a fully integrated business process, not just an afterthought.”