The Super Glue website has been infected by malware for the past five days.

According to Avast, the company website has been infected with a drive-by download which infects users with the Trojan JavaScript Redirector. Avast said that Super Glue has been informed about this issue.

Alena Varkockova, virus lab analyst at Avast, said that the scrips creates a URL at ‘' that creates a tag which basically activates the code on that URL.

“The ‘cameoprincess' page contains a JavaScript code, which redirects the visitor several times. This last address seems to be the page that contained the payload but it is turned off for now. By using a combination of redirectors, it's statistically difficult to uncover the precise payload, the likely candidate is some sort of fake anti-virus,” she said.

She also said that while injected JavaScript downloaders or redirectors are fairly common, the specific AVF Trojan at the superglue site is not. “It's not in the top fifty malware rankings, but it has already been reported in over 500 sites today,” she said.