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£571 with software included at no additional cost

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Strengths: Easy to deploy and manage biometric access control, excellent value for money

Weaknesses: No web-based support

Verdict: Just a bit more support needed, but otherwise quite a full-featured and robust product

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TRU650's enterprise-level biometric access control system provides fingerprint access for high-security applications. All terminals and clients are TCP/IP-based devices allowing the system to be run, distributed and managed centrally. It uses management software that can be run from any client PC on the network.

The initial installation of the management software is quite straightforward and is done by executing the installer application. Once this is installed and the device connected to the network, the software can communicate with the device by using its Mac address. The device can then be set up with an IP address and added to the system.

We found the management application to be easy to use and simple to navigate.

User enrolment takes place via the management machine, which contains the software and a USB-connected enrolment scanner. It takes a few seconds to get a user enrolled into the system and configured for access. The user can then immediately access their various assigned scanners.

The TRU650 scanner also has a card reader built into the system. This allows the system to be either configured to operate in two-token mode or to use the fingerprint plus card.

Documentation for the product is in the form of several PDF guides. These include a quick-start guide and installation manual that provide a good overview of the initial configuration steps for getting the management software running and communication with the device established.

A user guide provides in-depth step-by-step enrolment and advanced feature configuration. All these manuals include many screenshots and examples.

Integrated Biometrics provides free installation and setup support with purchase of the product. Additional support can be purchased at a cost of 11 per cent of the hardware cost. Phone and email technical support 8/5 or 24/7 can be purchased, but there is no support on the website.

At a price of £571, plus £54 for an enrolment scanner and £180 for optional power and door control box, we find this product to be excellent value for the money. It was easy to deploy, use and manage.