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Gates was in touch with Russian spy during presidential campaign

Former Trump Deputy Campaign Manager Rick Gates knowingly interacted with a former Russian intelligence officer during the 2016 campaign, according to court documents filed Tuesday by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Top Trump campaign officials urged Papadopoulos to meet with Russians

A senior Trump campaign advisor allegedly encouraged former foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos, who's already pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents, to meet with members of a Russian news agency.

Trump admin imposes sanctions on Russia for election interference, NotPetya

A day after PM Teresa May tossed Russian diplomats out of the country following a nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy in a British town, the Trump administration imposed sanctions on Russian individuals and organisations.

Trump critical of US Justice dept probe into FBI surveillance abuse

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to charge the US Justice Department inspector general with investigating the FBI's alleged abuse of its surveillance authority met with sharp criticism from US president Trump.

NSA chief hasn't been give the authority to battle Russian interference

US National Security Agency Director Adm Mike Rogers, US Cyber Command commander, told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee that President Trump hasn't directed him to combat Russian cyber-attacks.

US DETER Act aimed at punishing Russia and other nation-states

In the US, a bipartisan bill that takes aim at protecting the US elections from nation-state attacks would compel the Trump administration to levy harsh punishment on Russia for further interfering in US elections.

US fails to stand up for democracy in face of Russian online assault

The US Trump administration has failed to take an aggressive stance against Russian interference in democratic processes that have grave implications for the safety and security of the US, and thus democracy globally.

Update 2: UK & US blame North Korea for WannaCry - 'directly responsible'

North Korea was behind the WannaCry ransomware that blazed a destructive path around the world last spring, wreaking havoc on companies of all stripes say both UK and US officials.

US increases defences, sees Russia as enemy

The US National Security Strategy document released by the Trump administration on Monday calls for the reinforcement of cyber defences to protect government systems and critical infrastructure.

President Trump's microwave and other unnecessary IoT distractions

The only thing worse than the plethora of internet-connected devices is the irrelevant chatter about IoT that could be distracting security teams from the real threats, as Davey Winder found out.

Attackers attempting to fabricate relationship between Russian bank and Trump

Alfa Bank has engaged the US based cyber-forensics firm Stroz Friedberg to investigate these new attacks.

US government issues formal apology over GCHQ wiretapping claims

GCHQ rubbished the claims saying: "They are utterly ridiculous and should be ignored."

Trump accusation of 'wiretapping' branded as antiquated by MacAskill

Ewan MacAskill says "Trump's tweets suggest he is stuck is a cold-war time warp" and he is out of touch with modern surveillance techniques.

Trump loses National Security Advisor Flynn due to Russian connections

Former acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates informed the White House in January that Flynn may have been compromised and the rumours have swirled ever since.

People claim their cyber-security knowledge better than Donald Trump's

A recent study found 63 percent of respondents rated their knowledge of "the cyber" as being higher or equal to the likes of President Donald Trump.

International privacy policy: What's next?

With a new president in the US and the UK leaving the European Union, the state of privacy agreements is in flux, reports Jeremy Seth Davis.

Data scientists urge Clinton to ask for recount in three states as voting anomalies emerge

Scientists and activist have urged Hilary Clinton to challenge the recent presidential election outcome, claiming to have new evidence that voting machines in key states were hacked into.

Trump win alarms cyber pros

Security pros are bracing for changes the industry may face after the election of real-estate entrepreneur and reality TV personality Donald J. Trump.

Election misdirection: Scammers exploiting presidential race with malware, spam and bots

As Election Day approaches, researchers have detected a marked uptick in malicious cyber campaigns that seek to capitalize on the highly contentious 2016 race for president.

Trump says Russia's role in hacks unclear, US intel community says otherwise

During Sunday's presidential debate, Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton doesn't know if Russia is behind hacks of the DNC and others.

Trump campaign leaks details from interns' resumes

Donald Trump's contentious campaign for the presidency has taken another controversial turn as his website was found leaking the CVs of his interns

Trump beats Clinton in presidential election spam race

The infamy of Donald Trump is being leveraged by canny cyber-criminals for everything from spam to credential phishing.

Trump's Russian interests and Guccifer 2.0

A flood of information has emerged that connects GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump to a questionable cast of characters who are linked to Russian interests.

Privacy implications in store for users of "Trump Yourself"

A new Facebook app from Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign which invites users to "Trump Yourself" could contain privacy implications.

Anonymous once again targets ISIS following Brussels attacks

Anonymous has reportedly set its sights on ISIS following the terrorist attack on Belgium in its latest campaign dubbed "#OpBrussels.